Academic Awards Night

ahh I love academic award night! I always feel awesome afterwords, and that's not just cause Mom and Dad get us ice cream. I got the Media award, aka Radio. Mr. Bradbury also got me and the other girl who got his award coats. They're really nifty! They've got our name on the front and the KUBS logo on the back. Very niiice.

Okay this is a hokey picture, but I wanted to be different lol. This is the CWP Award from Mr. Frederick.

And this is the overall academic awesomness award. Cause I'm awesome I guess. Mr. Wagar said I should have gotten an award in his English class, but because I'm in the 5th period class instead of the 2nd, we did a different book, and our grades suffered from the wicked book! But it's ok, I feel better knowing Wags would have awarded me.

This is the bar for my letter. Fourth year I've gotten this :)

And I got Honor Cords to wear at graduation!! Woo!


Prom, Part 2

So here's the rest of our pictures. Dont ask me what Bryant is doing in the background, I didnt even know it was there til just now lol. Anyway, this is me and beau in the front seat. Just before this, we were arguing about whos iPod to listen to...i won mwahahaha

This is us at dinner, we went to Chilis. Everyone else went to walk around in the mall, while me and Beau waited for our table. We got a lot of weird looks!

So I got the Cajun Chicken Pasta and it was sooooooooooooo good!

mmmm sprite :)

Once we got to the dance we saw everyone else. This is me and Bri, she has the most beautiful dress.

I'm a dancin fool

Me and Ciara.

This is Matt, Bri's boytoy

They're so cute together. Ciara didn't have a date, so he roped her into the picture

This is my friend Whitney, she's my Radio Buddy

What a great Dj! I <3 Dj iWeb!



So these are totally all out of order, but thats ok, you'll live :) There'll have to be another post about prom, because I took more pictures on a different camera. And that camera is in Dad's purse in his truck. so yeah. This one is of Me, Courtney and Heather at the dance. Court is the one in the middle, and Heather's in purple

This is me and Court dancing lol

These are our dates. Well, these are Courtney and Heather's boyfriends, and my date lol

Charlie's Angels ya?

Heather kept standing on my dress lol. This is all of us. Max and Court, Bryant and Heather, Beau and me

Heather and Bryant. Yes, she's very tall lol

Max and court. She's very short lol

Me n Beau. Dad told him to do that lol


I like the depth of this picture

I did my own hair :)

Yeah, I made him do that. He liked it

Our corsages :) they're so pretty

This was at prom while we waited to get our picture taken. He decided to sit on me. The chairs were huge!

I like poofy dresses lol



Well, most of you probably wont know, but Senior Showcase is like a talent show kind of thing for the Seniors who've been in Pend Oreille Players. So, last Saturday, May 8th we had our Showcase. It was pretty awesome! My best friend Michael brought me a rose :)

This is all of us in our opening number, which was a medly of songs from musicals that we've been in. It was pretty amazing, I must say. The songs included Ever After, Think Positive, Wells Fargo Wagon, Guys and Dolls, and Give A Little Love.

This was duing Think Positive. We had these little dance moves that we did, and this was one from the original show.

During the Wells Fargo Wagon, we all had solos. mine was "and once I got some grapefruit from Tampa" lol
My talent that I displayed was Singing. So I sang a song I know you all know. I Cain't Say No, from Oklahoma! Woo! Everyone loved it. Here I am, tellin everyone that I reckon the stories I hear are true.

"When someone tries to kiss a girl, I know she ourta give his face a slap!"

"I cain't be prissy and quaint. I ain't the type who can faint! How can i be what i Aint? I caint say no!"

"Whatcha gonna do when a fella gets flirty, and starts to talk purty, whatcha gonna do? "

I cain't say no *Sigh*

Then Brianna and I did one of our famous magic tricks, the Bandana...Which ends up putting a squished banana under my hat. Owell, I love her anyways :)

Yay We did it right!!

Then the whole group did a skit. "The Really Really Really REALLY true story of Cinderella." Here's like, the perfect picture of the Incredibly Handsome Prince, and Cinderella. (By the Way, we didnt make up the skit. and these really are the characters names!)

Here's The Incredibly Ugly Stepsister #1....

And I was the 2nd Incredibly Ugly Stepsister. there was also the incredibly Ugly Stepmother, and the Narrator.

Me and my BFF Brianna. Right after this, we went our seperate ways to get ready for prom that night. (Post on that lata)

Me and My Marvelous director, DeeAnn!

The Seniors of 2010!!