Family Pictures

There's 7 of us girls, just like in our real family! We decided to take family pictures together after church up at the temple. I'll say names later.

Just a silly picture
Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountabilty, Good Works, Ingegrity. Ya know?
These were so fun to take! We took a billion, but the first turned out the best

Individual shots

Tiffany and Ali

Henna and Sabrina
Michelle and Alex
I just thought this one was really neat. We didn't plan to wear black shoes! But we all did
We took "room"ate pictures. First, Michelle and Ali. They're so cute to watch! Then Alex, Tiffany, and Sabrina. Alex isn't really our roomate, but she spends all her time here and sleeps here every night. So she's our seventh roomate. Then there's me and Henna

I love my roomates!