Kitten Chaos

Yes, I know. We seem to be the "cat people" in the family. Funny thing is, Trevor hates cats. At least, he thought he did.

It all started out back in late June. I had just gotten my jobs at Fred Meyer and Super 8, when Trevor decides to go get a kitten from Craigslist. It all happened so fast, in just like that, we were back at home wondering what kind of illegal creature we had just brought home.

He was so little then. We just couldn't help but love him. He cuddled with us every night, though he needed help getting up on the bed.
Then, a few days after the last Harry Potter movie, Trevor returns from work with something behind his back. Who knows what it is? I wouldn't have guessed it was little Molli joining our family.

Roger hated her at first, and wouldn't go near her. But after a few days, and a little vanilla under both their chins to give them the same scent, they were best friends.

Roger needed someone to play with while Trevor and I were both gone all day. It was the perfect solution.
They were perfect for each other, as well. They posed for pictures and shared food. They were in love.

Then we moved to our new apartment, and made the kittens legal. Roger grew a fascination with all things water. You can't take a trip to the bathroom without him following you.

Just before school started, we heard that a mother cat had abandoned her kittens while they were only a few weeks old. We didn't want any of them to go to the pound! So we did our part and adopted one before he was taken there. Dallas is his name, though we call him Dally O Mally most of the time. This little guy had to have nutrient rich cat milk, from a bottle. He ate mushy food too, until he decided he'd like to eat with the other cats.

He looks like such an old man in this picture, I can't look at it without smiling.

Dally loves to climb into small things, such as Trevor's hat and shoes.

"It's a choo shoe train, Sharon!"

With Halloween right around the corner, we carved pumpkins. Dally got stuck in one and tried to get out.

Noticing that Rogie didn't look like Dallas in the back end, we deduced that the lady who gave her to us was not sure about her gender. Roger became Rogette, though we still call her Roger.
She has a facination with counters as well, and gets in trouble when she jumps onto them. One day, we noticed that she was wearing lipstick...
Or so it seemed. After a while, Trevor discovered the wax in the Sentsy was burning Cinnamon. Looks like Roger got up on the counter and burnt her lips. It wore off, and she doesn't get up on the counter anymore.

I got bored the other day and busted out my knifty knitter. I made the kittens a hat, although Molli wouldn't pose for a picture with it.
They hate the hat.
But they look so cute and silly in it!

That's it for our Kittens for now, but they've got long lives ahead of them.