Priest/Laurel Prom

So on Friday, our stake hosted a Priest/Laurel tri-stake prom. It was pretty fancy. We had chicken alfredo for dinner with corn and salad...well maybe I should start at the beginning.

This is my fancy dress. Mom and Dad got it for me. Here I am, showing off my flowers lol

Oreo liked my dress too. She came outside to see the photo shoot. She's so cute :)

Bishop and Sister Coffey came to pick me up with the only priest from our ward, Carston Chantry. He was my "date." But not really, Bishop just called him that. He did bring me that yellow rose however, so I dunno.

Oooooookay, so here's the funny part. My best friend Ashley from Noxon MT was going to be there. so I texted her....
me: "Ash, whatcha wearing for the dance on friday?"
Ashley: "uuummmm probably my yellow dress from prom last year lol :)"
me: "hey I'm wearing a yellow dress too! we can totally match. lets do our hair the same too lol"
Ashley: "okay!! cool beans. how are we doing our hair?"
me: "lets curl it. and I have two yellow flower clips we can both wear"
Ashley: "kk sounds sweet"
okay, so I had no idea what her dress looked like, besides that it was yellow and poofy. She thought I was wearing my prom dress from last year.
so Bishop, Sister Coffey, Carston, and I pull up and Ash is waiting outside for some boy who was on his way. I took a look at her and quickly panicked....so I call her.
me: "uummmm ash I dont want to get out of the car!!"
ashley: "why not you silly goose? I can see you in the car! haha get out and get over here!
me: "no..really. you dont want me to"
ashley: "yes I do! i've missed you!!"
me: "Ashley...we have the same dress."
Ashley: "hahaha oh girl you're so funny. I know we're both wearing yellow, we planned it remember?"
me: "no really...same dress"
Ashley: "yeah riiiiight!"
well by this time she'd walked over to the car...so here we are, matching lol

Crazy isnt it? well after we accepted that fact that we dressed exactly the same, we decided to tell everyone from the other stakes that we were twins. Faternal twins. so, we did, and they believed us!!
This is Jessica, we didnt fool her cause Ashley is in her ward lol

Well the leaders were encouraging us to get to know the other people from the visiting stakes, so we did. this is John, and he always could tell me and Ashley apart. He never mixed us up!! He's was a crazy dancer, and so was his bro Joshua.`But I didnt get a picture with him.

and this is Kade. We were swing dancing right before we took this picture. the leader who took it for us said "a picture together eh? the next step is getting her number...." well it seems the leaders were all encouraged to pressure us into getting phone numbers! After this picture was taken, i said "hey Kade have you seen Ashley?" he said "Ashley's right here! I havent seen Nancy anywhere though." i kinda chuckled and said "Kade I'm Nancy..." and he turned red. He didnt talk to me the rest of the night!! I think he was too embarrased. dang...because he was awesome lol. So long story short, I didnt get any phone numbers!! I think Mom's okay with that though hehehe.
It was pretty fun anyways though, it was awesome to have the other stakes there!