Family Pictures

There's 7 of us girls, just like in our real family! We decided to take family pictures together after church up at the temple. I'll say names later.

Just a silly picture
Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountabilty, Good Works, Ingegrity. Ya know?
These were so fun to take! We took a billion, but the first turned out the best

Individual shots

Tiffany and Ali

Henna and Sabrina
Michelle and Alex
I just thought this one was really neat. We didn't plan to wear black shoes! But we all did
We took "room"ate pictures. First, Michelle and Ali. They're so cute to watch! Then Alex, Tiffany, and Sabrina. Alex isn't really our roomate, but she spends all her time here and sleeps here every night. So she's our seventh roomate. Then there's me and Henna

I love my roomates!


Spook Alleys

Here in Idaho, they call Haunted Houses "Spook Alleys" which I think is weird, but it's alright. This season, I've been to five Spook Alleys. The first was Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror, in Idaho Falls. I went to this one on October 2nd. I went with Trevor, our friend Oracio and his little brother Martin. Trevor made it seem like it was this huge deal, and that I'd be so scared I'd pee my pants (Courtney, Sharon, don't you say a word). Well, sure it was scary but I didn't scream at all. Trevor did though, mwahaha. This one ranked #2 on my list.

A week later, on October 9th we went to the Haunted Mill. This is all the rage in Rexburg, everyone's going there! It's in Teton. I went with Trevor, Erwina, Shelby, and a few boys they brought. Well, this one...frankly, it sucked. Not even scary. But maybe I'm just immune because Erwina screamed the.whole.time. She's easily scared though. This one is last on my list.

This guy is Trevor's brother. The next two Spook Alley's we went to we brought him along, with his date.

The first we went to with Michael was the Theater of Lost Souls in Shelley. We went on the 15th. Michael's date was so freaked out! Apparently this theater really is haunted, but I don't buy it. This ranks #4

The other one Micheal came with us was on the 16th called the Grandstands of Terror in Blackfoot. Its under the stadium at the fairgrounds and ho-lee-cow this one was awesome! It started out in this elevator that broke down on our ride up and people grabbed us. This one was the most scary because the actors touched our hair and legs. SCARY! But it was awesome! There was a part where the walls closed in on us and we had to find the way out before they squished us. This is #1 for sure!
Finally, the last Spook Alley was Nightmare on 13th St. in Salt Lake. we went on the 23rd and it's supposedly ranked #1 in the Nation...yeah, it's not. There was a ton of mechanical spooks, not enough actors. The thing that makes Spook Alley's so scary is when the actors touch you or follow you as you walk. Mechanical spooks just can't do that. Nevertheless, it was pretty neat, so this is #3 on my list. We went with Lex and Oracio (we all went to Utah for the weekend to go to Frightmares AKA Lagoon). They took pictures for us and put them online. Neato.

I've decided I really like getting scared at Spook Alleys, which is why we've gone to so many this year. But we also watch scary movies in the basement..BOO!


Another Adventure

Well, for this week's adventure we were going to walk up to the temple, but it was cold, and we were lazy. So we sat on Kelsi's bed and watched songs from Disney movies for like an hour. It was fun, and needless to say we sang every word! We also took pictures of the sweet parts in the songs, but they would take forever to put on here haha.
I actually spent the night at Kelsi's, which was an adventure in itself :)


FDHUM-101 aka Humanities

This is my favorite class of the semester. The official name of the class is The Heroic Journey. It's pretty much the journey of art from the creation til round abouts the 20th century. We were assigned this photography project due on Friday the 15th. We had to have a picture with an apple theme, as well as a portrait and a landscape. These pictures have to follow some rules of photography like the rule of thirds and so on.

Sharon and Trevor helped me with my apple pictures. The class grades these, the top 10 get As, the next 10 get Bs..so on. So they reallly have to catch the classes eye so they will vote on them. This one is like the tables have turned, instead of robin hood shooting apples off little john's head, the apple is shooting the human :)

Thanks to Trevor for making the awesome costume for the apple!
This next one is my favorite, I think.

Here are my portraits. I love this one...

This is my teachers favorite, I asked his opinion.

I love this one of Max, but I'm going to go with the one of Jayne because that is Brother Williams favorite.

I don't have my landscape yet, but I'm on the lookout for a good spot. Tell me which apple picture you'd on!


Adventures with Kelsi

This is the coolest person you'll ever meet. Kelsi! She's awesome, and that pretty much sums it all up. We chill at her apartment and mine, while watching Glee! Raising Hope, Bones, and the Office. Movie nights too, and pretty much anything we feel like. We're pretty sure we're sisters, we're so alike.
A few weeks back, we were bored, so we headed to the Bookstore. We sat there for hours in our nook reading the new Jack Weyland book, and then we realized that he signed it! Ahh..if only we had the moolah to buy it.

We also do this thing were we borrow a pen from the store, get some paper from our backpacks/pockets/strangers, wherever we can find it, and we play mad libs. One time there were some guys in our nook and we used their names in the mad lib. It was pretty fantastic.

These hair flowers are bigger than our faces. Not gonna happen...

This is such a cool picture!! But alas, no $$ to buy it.

These sticky notes are the coolest. they're spinny and rainbow colored. This is the kind of thing that makes life worth living...Jokes. But seriously..Its the latest in Sticky note technology.

Whoever designed this little set up had us quite impressed.

Ah yes, quite witty.

Bahahaha I love it

Sweet shades! Well..acutally we looked for the most ugly ones

Don't these look like Dad's reading glasses? Except more..yellow? I thought so

Kelsi's the BEST! Gotta love her :)


First day of school!

Yeah so I was going to have my roomate take a picture of me outside, but it was raining really hard and my roomates weren't home. Who knows where they went?! Though, I should be my sisters keeper. So this is me on my first day. Backpack packed and ready to go!

I decorated my notebooks nicely, my room roomate, Henna, thought I was majoring in art. I didn't think they were that great, but I guess she did

Mom, I had to go sock and underwear shopping by myself. But I got the same brands we always get :)

What to wear? I didn't know. So I just went with a jacket over some random shirt, because it was rainy and cold outside.

That's it! ...
Just kidding. I'll talk about school. My first class was at 7:45 am. Introductory Foods. I have this class only once a week, twice on thursdays. The first half is the lecture, the second half starts at 11:30 and is the Lab. So at 11:30 I went back to the Clarke and we partnered up and looked around the Lab, but we didn't make anything today. That'll come next week :) I'll be pretty well fed on Thursdays.
So then I walked home, in the rain, and got on the computer, only to find out that one of my classes for tomorrow has reading assignments due when we get to class. I've been working on that all afternoon (I kept falling asleep). Thats my first day! I love you guys.