Spook Alleys

Here in Idaho, they call Haunted Houses "Spook Alleys" which I think is weird, but it's alright. This season, I've been to five Spook Alleys. The first was Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror, in Idaho Falls. I went to this one on October 2nd. I went with Trevor, our friend Oracio and his little brother Martin. Trevor made it seem like it was this huge deal, and that I'd be so scared I'd pee my pants (Courtney, Sharon, don't you say a word). Well, sure it was scary but I didn't scream at all. Trevor did though, mwahaha. This one ranked #2 on my list.

A week later, on October 9th we went to the Haunted Mill. This is all the rage in Rexburg, everyone's going there! It's in Teton. I went with Trevor, Erwina, Shelby, and a few boys they brought. Well, this one...frankly, it sucked. Not even scary. But maybe I'm just immune because Erwina screamed the.whole.time. She's easily scared though. This one is last on my list.

This guy is Trevor's brother. The next two Spook Alley's we went to we brought him along, with his date.

The first we went to with Michael was the Theater of Lost Souls in Shelley. We went on the 15th. Michael's date was so freaked out! Apparently this theater really is haunted, but I don't buy it. This ranks #4

The other one Micheal came with us was on the 16th called the Grandstands of Terror in Blackfoot. Its under the stadium at the fairgrounds and ho-lee-cow this one was awesome! It started out in this elevator that broke down on our ride up and people grabbed us. This one was the most scary because the actors touched our hair and legs. SCARY! But it was awesome! There was a part where the walls closed in on us and we had to find the way out before they squished us. This is #1 for sure!
Finally, the last Spook Alley was Nightmare on 13th St. in Salt Lake. we went on the 23rd and it's supposedly ranked #1 in the Nation...yeah, it's not. There was a ton of mechanical spooks, not enough actors. The thing that makes Spook Alley's so scary is when the actors touch you or follow you as you walk. Mechanical spooks just can't do that. Nevertheless, it was pretty neat, so this is #3 on my list. We went with Lex and Oracio (we all went to Utah for the weekend to go to Frightmares AKA Lagoon). They took pictures for us and put them online. Neato.

I've decided I really like getting scared at Spook Alleys, which is why we've gone to so many this year. But we also watch scary movies in the basement..BOO!

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