July 10th

[If you haven't read "the prom guy" then dont read this! Go read the previous post first]

Its Saturday, a really busy day for Wal*mart. I'm working in the Boys and Girls departments, but since I've finished both of them, I decide to check out the Men's department to make sure everything is lookin good.
I happen to walk down the sock aisle and I see those two chinese looking men again, but I'm not really sure if they're the same guys. So I look around for the Prom Guy. There he is between the George suit coats and the Wrangler belts.
"Heeeey" he says
Nan:"Hi how are you tonight? Didn't I help you with socks last week...?"
Prom Guy: "ya ya I think thats aight"
Nan: "Well do you need any help tonight? What are you getting?"
Prom Guy:"oh, I'm just driving my friends around"
Nan: "Oh i got it. Well that sounds boring"
Prom Guy: "ya but s'alright s'alright. So what brings you here?"
Nan: "work. what about you?"
Prom Guy "work. I'm from California"
Nan: "oh i'm from washington!...the state"

This is where i notice that not only is he still wearing his Prom gettup, he has a huge silver cross hanging from a chain around his neck.

Prom Guy: "well coo coo. so uh..do you like some work?"
Nan: "...uh ya i guess its not too bad"
Prom Guy: "Aight well...can I get your number?"
Nan: "yeah sure"
Prom Guy: "s'alright. coo. oh uh ok what is it
So i give it to him. Then he leaves. That was the end of July 10th 2010 at work.

Sunday July 11th
I hear nothing from the guy

More to come


The Prom Guy

Well, this is quite a long story, but I've been encouraged to share it, and it is pretty funny if you ask me.

The day is July 3rd. I'm working at Wal*mart and I see a few chinese men walking around in the mens department. I think about asking them if they need help, but I didnt want to get into a situation where I might not understand their accent, so I walk away. I see them looking at socks. Lots of socks. They walk away with them.

They come back with another man following them. A man dressed in suit pants and a black vest. Looked like he just got back from prom! He smiles at me, and I smile back because its my job. He walks to the socks with his two friends. By the way, the friends are older, like in their 40s, and the Prom guy is looking 20ish.

Prom guy comes to me a few minutes later. His accent is very..strong "Heallo. Can you help me with suh...suh...um some socks?"

Me: "of course! What do you need them for?"

Prom Guy: "zum...work"

Me: "ok do you need white or black?"

Prom guy: "White. My friends brought me some baby socks. about this big (holds hands about 3 inches apart)"

Me: "haha ya they were in the little boys sock aisle. I'll help you out"

So I help him out. We pick out some nice socks that will be great for whatever his work is. Then they left and the rest of the night was uneventful.

Want more to the story? I bet you do...Its coming.


Home in Idaho

Jayne and I took continuous pictures. Pretty cool if you ask me. Except that I dont know if it'll take the pictures seperately instead of one big picture. owell.

Then Sharon decided to get in on the action...just not the continuous action

Max is pretty much in all of these, but he didnt really know it.

Even Max is doing the silly face in this one!

This was at the theater when we were trying to figure out where our tickets from Z103 were

And in the theater right before the previews. We had to sit in two different rows

I love living in Idaho!