July 10th

[If you haven't read "the prom guy" then dont read this! Go read the previous post first]

Its Saturday, a really busy day for Wal*mart. I'm working in the Boys and Girls departments, but since I've finished both of them, I decide to check out the Men's department to make sure everything is lookin good.
I happen to walk down the sock aisle and I see those two chinese looking men again, but I'm not really sure if they're the same guys. So I look around for the Prom Guy. There he is between the George suit coats and the Wrangler belts.
"Heeeey" he says
Nan:"Hi how are you tonight? Didn't I help you with socks last week...?"
Prom Guy: "ya ya I think thats aight"
Nan: "Well do you need any help tonight? What are you getting?"
Prom Guy:"oh, I'm just driving my friends around"
Nan: "Oh i got it. Well that sounds boring"
Prom Guy: "ya but s'alright s'alright. So what brings you here?"
Nan: "work. what about you?"
Prom Guy "work. I'm from California"
Nan: "oh i'm from washington!...the state"

This is where i notice that not only is he still wearing his Prom gettup, he has a huge silver cross hanging from a chain around his neck.

Prom Guy: "well coo coo. so uh..do you like some work?"
Nan: "...uh ya i guess its not too bad"
Prom Guy: "Aight well...can I get your number?"
Nan: "yeah sure"
Prom Guy: "s'alright. coo. oh uh ok what is it
So i give it to him. Then he leaves. That was the end of July 10th 2010 at work.

Sunday July 11th
I hear nothing from the guy

More to come


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shaina said...

Why did you give him your number???

homefront said...

I think you should not be giving your number out to strangers. Also remember to doubledate!