Home in Idaho

Jayne and I took continuous pictures. Pretty cool if you ask me. Except that I dont know if it'll take the pictures seperately instead of one big picture. owell.

Then Sharon decided to get in on the action...just not the continuous action

Max is pretty much in all of these, but he didnt really know it.

Even Max is doing the silly face in this one!

This was at the theater when we were trying to figure out where our tickets from Z103 were

And in the theater right before the previews. We had to sit in two different rows

I love living in Idaho!


courtney said...

I'm really glad you are here too! Idaho Rules!

shaina said...

The picture where Sharon joined you with the kids, you two look a lot alike.
I'm glad you are having a great time!

homefront said...

I really love the picture at the top of the blog with you and Elvis. It is Wonderful. I still remember hearing Love me tender at the theater many years ago,he was so handsome. He was the King.