First day of school!

Yeah so I was going to have my roomate take a picture of me outside, but it was raining really hard and my roomates weren't home. Who knows where they went?! Though, I should be my sisters keeper. So this is me on my first day. Backpack packed and ready to go!

I decorated my notebooks nicely, my room roomate, Henna, thought I was majoring in art. I didn't think they were that great, but I guess she did

Mom, I had to go sock and underwear shopping by myself. But I got the same brands we always get :)

What to wear? I didn't know. So I just went with a jacket over some random shirt, because it was rainy and cold outside.

That's it! ...
Just kidding. I'll talk about school. My first class was at 7:45 am. Introductory Foods. I have this class only once a week, twice on thursdays. The first half is the lecture, the second half starts at 11:30 and is the Lab. So at 11:30 I went back to the Clarke and we partnered up and looked around the Lab, but we didn't make anything today. That'll come next week :) I'll be pretty well fed on Thursdays.
So then I walked home, in the rain, and got on the computer, only to find out that one of my classes for tomorrow has reading assignments due when we get to class. I've been working on that all afternoon (I kept falling asleep). Thats my first day! I love you guys.