Kitten Chaos

Yes, I know. We seem to be the "cat people" in the family. Funny thing is, Trevor hates cats. At least, he thought he did.

It all started out back in late June. I had just gotten my jobs at Fred Meyer and Super 8, when Trevor decides to go get a kitten from Craigslist. It all happened so fast, in just like that, we were back at home wondering what kind of illegal creature we had just brought home.

He was so little then. We just couldn't help but love him. He cuddled with us every night, though he needed help getting up on the bed.
Then, a few days after the last Harry Potter movie, Trevor returns from work with something behind his back. Who knows what it is? I wouldn't have guessed it was little Molli joining our family.

Roger hated her at first, and wouldn't go near her. But after a few days, and a little vanilla under both their chins to give them the same scent, they were best friends.

Roger needed someone to play with while Trevor and I were both gone all day. It was the perfect solution.
They were perfect for each other, as well. They posed for pictures and shared food. They were in love.

Then we moved to our new apartment, and made the kittens legal. Roger grew a fascination with all things water. You can't take a trip to the bathroom without him following you.

Just before school started, we heard that a mother cat had abandoned her kittens while they were only a few weeks old. We didn't want any of them to go to the pound! So we did our part and adopted one before he was taken there. Dallas is his name, though we call him Dally O Mally most of the time. This little guy had to have nutrient rich cat milk, from a bottle. He ate mushy food too, until he decided he'd like to eat with the other cats.

He looks like such an old man in this picture, I can't look at it without smiling.

Dally loves to climb into small things, such as Trevor's hat and shoes.

"It's a choo shoe train, Sharon!"

With Halloween right around the corner, we carved pumpkins. Dally got stuck in one and tried to get out.

Noticing that Rogie didn't look like Dallas in the back end, we deduced that the lady who gave her to us was not sure about her gender. Roger became Rogette, though we still call her Roger.
She has a facination with counters as well, and gets in trouble when she jumps onto them. One day, we noticed that she was wearing lipstick...
Or so it seemed. After a while, Trevor discovered the wax in the Sentsy was burning Cinnamon. Looks like Roger got up on the counter and burnt her lips. It wore off, and she doesn't get up on the counter anymore.

I got bored the other day and busted out my knifty knitter. I made the kittens a hat, although Molli wouldn't pose for a picture with it.
They hate the hat.
But they look so cute and silly in it!

That's it for our Kittens for now, but they've got long lives ahead of them.


Another Blessing

I'm the new Breakfast Attendant for Super 8!


Job Search Blues

I applied at...
Walmart again
Pizza Hut
Red Robin
Edwards Theater
Texas Roadhouse
Mrs. Powell's Bakery
Sally's Beauty Supply
Best Buy
All American Sports
Olive Garden
Outback Steakhouse
Ameritel Inn
Super 8
City of Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls Public Library
Fred Meyer
Good Samaritan Nursing Home
Home Depot
Center Partners
Dollar Tree
Skyline Bowling Alley
Idaho Falls School District
Little Caesars

Interviewed at...

Sally's Beauty Supply
Super 8
Center Partners
Fred Meyer
Good Samaritan Nursing Home

Got a job at...


April Fools

The day started out in the early morn catching a few of my friends in the midst of their pranking. Basically, today is the worst day to tell everyone you're pregnant, engaged, or out of a relationship because no one will believe you. That being said, I knew I couldn't really get anyone by saying the wedding's off, plus I didn't want to try.

All morning I thought of possible ideas to prank Trevor. I even looked up possibilities on Google, but alas, nothing was good enough.

I had one idea, but I didn't think it was do-able. I dismissed it.

I then went to lunch with Trevor's mom, Tammy, and discussed ideas with her. But she had nothing to offer in that department. Back to square one.

Later in the day I revisited my original idea, and approached Trev's little brother, Michael, with the prank. He agreed to help, and suddenly it was do-able!

So here's what we did. We drove to Trevor's apartment, to which I have a key, and took everything valuable. T.v, DVD Player, Movies, Laptop, Toaster Oven, Toaster, Change Jars Lamps, Drill, Sports Equipment, etc. Then we trashed the place, leaving junk all over the floor, cubbords opened, and packed stuff strewn all over the place. It looked great. To top it off, we left the door slightly open. Then we booked it outta there because Trevor was off work and most likely headed home.

So we went back to Trevor's mom and dad's house and acted natural. When Trev came, we did all we could think of to get him to go home to shower up. Finally, Trev's dad sent him to go get a saw from the trailer at work and said he might as well shower while he was close to home (which was perfect, Trev's dad didn't know about the prank).

So we went to get the saw and to the apartment. I stayed in the truck to take a quick nap while he ran up to shower. I knew he'd come right back down so I didn't get too comfy.

Trevor comes running down the stairs and to the truck and tells me to get upstairs to see what happened. We both go running upstairs and check the place out. I admire my handiwork while looking worried, apparently I played the part well. Trev called his mom and told her what happened. She was in on it, and she also played it well, asking if we had renters insurance and what all was missing. She said she'd be right over. Trevor went to a different room and Tammy called me back. She asked if I needed backup for telling Trevor the truth. I thought I could handle it.

Trevor was leaning up against the counter in the kitchen and I kept touching my face. I noticed I do that a lot when I'm trying not to laugh. Trevor looked at me and said, "come here."

Crap, I thought. He's caught me. But all he wanted to do was hug me and say everything would be okay. Sweet!

So I went to the bathroom to see if any of my necklaces were missing and when I came back out Trevor was on the couch. So I gathered my courage and I sat down next to him.

"Trevor, I love you," I said.
"Love you, too." he replied.
"Trev...It's April Fools day" I said.
"yeah..I know" he said, not putting 2 and 2 together.
"Um...Trev I did this. Its not real," I quietly said.

Well, the rest is history, with his "I cant believe this" "I was so flippin' freaked out!" "I was about to call the cops" remarks, over and over and over.

He admitted it's the best April Fools that's ever been pulled on him, and he said beware for next year. Psssh, yeah right. I'm not scared. Bring it on!



Last semester I babysat Jayne at my apartment for Sharon. I'd forgotten I took these pictures, but I just ran across them. She had a good time with Dragon playing the piano :)


Wedding of the Year! (for the Webers...)

Yes, I know it's been forever and a day since I updated my blog. But I'm finally doing it! Though, I'm not promising that I'll keep up with it since I probably won't, so don't ask.
Here's the amazing dress that mom and I found
Just imagine my face instead of hers, and that's what I'll look like.
Mel's going to do my hair, and Sharon's making my headpiece. Together, they'll look something like this, except mine wont have any netting.
I don't want to be in high heels all day, so I decided I'd wear flats. I just picked these up today from Payless.

Like it? Love it? Hate it? please don't say you hate it..
but let me know!