April Fools

The day started out in the early morn catching a few of my friends in the midst of their pranking. Basically, today is the worst day to tell everyone you're pregnant, engaged, or out of a relationship because no one will believe you. That being said, I knew I couldn't really get anyone by saying the wedding's off, plus I didn't want to try.

All morning I thought of possible ideas to prank Trevor. I even looked up possibilities on Google, but alas, nothing was good enough.

I had one idea, but I didn't think it was do-able. I dismissed it.

I then went to lunch with Trevor's mom, Tammy, and discussed ideas with her. But she had nothing to offer in that department. Back to square one.

Later in the day I revisited my original idea, and approached Trev's little brother, Michael, with the prank. He agreed to help, and suddenly it was do-able!

So here's what we did. We drove to Trevor's apartment, to which I have a key, and took everything valuable. T.v, DVD Player, Movies, Laptop, Toaster Oven, Toaster, Change Jars Lamps, Drill, Sports Equipment, etc. Then we trashed the place, leaving junk all over the floor, cubbords opened, and packed stuff strewn all over the place. It looked great. To top it off, we left the door slightly open. Then we booked it outta there because Trevor was off work and most likely headed home.

So we went back to Trevor's mom and dad's house and acted natural. When Trev came, we did all we could think of to get him to go home to shower up. Finally, Trev's dad sent him to go get a saw from the trailer at work and said he might as well shower while he was close to home (which was perfect, Trev's dad didn't know about the prank).

So we went to get the saw and to the apartment. I stayed in the truck to take a quick nap while he ran up to shower. I knew he'd come right back down so I didn't get too comfy.

Trevor comes running down the stairs and to the truck and tells me to get upstairs to see what happened. We both go running upstairs and check the place out. I admire my handiwork while looking worried, apparently I played the part well. Trev called his mom and told her what happened. She was in on it, and she also played it well, asking if we had renters insurance and what all was missing. She said she'd be right over. Trevor went to a different room and Tammy called me back. She asked if I needed backup for telling Trevor the truth. I thought I could handle it.

Trevor was leaning up against the counter in the kitchen and I kept touching my face. I noticed I do that a lot when I'm trying not to laugh. Trevor looked at me and said, "come here."

Crap, I thought. He's caught me. But all he wanted to do was hug me and say everything would be okay. Sweet!

So I went to the bathroom to see if any of my necklaces were missing and when I came back out Trevor was on the couch. So I gathered my courage and I sat down next to him.

"Trevor, I love you," I said.
"Love you, too." he replied.
"Trev...It's April Fools day" I said.
"yeah..I know" he said, not putting 2 and 2 together.
"Um...Trev I did this. Its not real," I quietly said.

Well, the rest is history, with his "I cant believe this" "I was so flippin' freaked out!" "I was about to call the cops" remarks, over and over and over.

He admitted it's the best April Fools that's ever been pulled on him, and he said beware for next year. Psssh, yeah right. I'm not scared. Bring it on!


shaina said...

That's great! I think our little family prank over Thanksgiving could be a substitute April Fools, don't ya think?

kdaygirl said...

T-Bone doesnt have a chance with our family! Best prank ever!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Good job Nan! That was pretty great. I wish I could have seen his face. Haha.

courtney said...

Very good! I would totally do that if we didn't have so much stuff all over our house!

Trevor is a good sport!

Sharon said...

I was freaking out and I knew it was a joke! good one nanna!