The Prom Guy

Well, this is quite a long story, but I've been encouraged to share it, and it is pretty funny if you ask me.

The day is July 3rd. I'm working at Wal*mart and I see a few chinese men walking around in the mens department. I think about asking them if they need help, but I didnt want to get into a situation where I might not understand their accent, so I walk away. I see them looking at socks. Lots of socks. They walk away with them.

They come back with another man following them. A man dressed in suit pants and a black vest. Looked like he just got back from prom! He smiles at me, and I smile back because its my job. He walks to the socks with his two friends. By the way, the friends are older, like in their 40s, and the Prom guy is looking 20ish.

Prom guy comes to me a few minutes later. His accent is very..strong "Heallo. Can you help me with suh...suh...um some socks?"

Me: "of course! What do you need them for?"

Prom Guy: "zum...work"

Me: "ok do you need white or black?"

Prom guy: "White. My friends brought me some baby socks. about this big (holds hands about 3 inches apart)"

Me: "haha ya they were in the little boys sock aisle. I'll help you out"

So I help him out. We pick out some nice socks that will be great for whatever his work is. Then they left and the rest of the night was uneventful.

Want more to the story? I bet you do...Its coming.

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homefront said...

So you have our attention. When is it coming. I think he was flirting!