FDHUM-101 aka Humanities

This is my favorite class of the semester. The official name of the class is The Heroic Journey. It's pretty much the journey of art from the creation til round abouts the 20th century. We were assigned this photography project due on Friday the 15th. We had to have a picture with an apple theme, as well as a portrait and a landscape. These pictures have to follow some rules of photography like the rule of thirds and so on.

Sharon and Trevor helped me with my apple pictures. The class grades these, the top 10 get As, the next 10 get Bs..so on. So they reallly have to catch the classes eye so they will vote on them. This one is like the tables have turned, instead of robin hood shooting apples off little john's head, the apple is shooting the human :)

Thanks to Trevor for making the awesome costume for the apple!
This next one is my favorite, I think.

Here are my portraits. I love this one...

This is my teachers favorite, I asked his opinion.

I love this one of Max, but I'm going to go with the one of Jayne because that is Brother Williams favorite.

I don't have my landscape yet, but I'm on the lookout for a good spot. Tell me which apple picture you'd on!


shaina said...

Those are fun! Good job!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

good job nan! I really like the apple in the playland balls. It is bright and funny and makes me laugh.

courtney said...

Very fun! But...why aren't you taking pictures of my cute kids too? Hmmmmm....there is a conspiracy going on! I like the funland apple one too! There are great landscape pictures from my house, the yellow fields with the dark grey-blue mountains and sky...very pretty! And in the mornings, you get really pretty sunrises!