Elder Hoffman

This is my best friend, Joseph. He checked into the MTC earlier today, and he's gonna be a great missionary. Anyways, a few weeks ago Joseph and I decided to have photo shoot so we could both have some pictures of us together (mostly it was because I wanted one of us for my room in college). So the day started normally, with just some pictures of us sittin on a fallen tree, which Joseph informed me is called a log. Even if it's still in the air...crazy boy.

Well then the "logs" started falling on us! So we decided to get them back for it. Joseph punched one...

and as you can see he put quite a dent in it!! I followed suite and kicked my own tree.

yeah yeah so the dents look the same. But don't be fooled, they're different trees!! I promise!!
Then Joseph decided to climb this tree with no branches. Its amazing how high he got!!

Well it was getting really chilly outside, so then we looked for opportunities to take pictures inside. His parents house has like, a bagizillion differently colored walls, so we took a picture by all the different colors. But sadly, he didnt email them to me before he left. Looks like we'll all have to wait to see how those ones turned out.
Anyways, the pictures progressively got weirder and weirder, so dont judge us haha. These are our best "dog" faces. I'm a bulldog, he's a ....normal dog lol.

I dunno what this one is supposed to be, maybe just a weird one where we show off our teeth? Which, by the way, are braces-free!

Okay...so then we were running out of ideas. Joseph told me to try to fit into this tiny cubboard so he could take a picture, but I didnt fit. Little did I know he was taking a video of it....but I dont have that either, so you'll just have to live without it.
So...I don't really have any comments on these next few pics lol. They speak for themselves. But I will say this-It was Joseph's idea.

After that little episode, we decided to roll with the ganstas. Here we're sportin our missionary gang signs- PDUB. Prophets Word Yo!

Everyone needs to take an upside down picture with their best freind. Its an unwritten rule.

aaaaaand here we're being rockstars in his parents mirror hallway. Its pretty cool, and you know you're jealous of us!!

Here's our only normal picture, and it's one of the best :)


Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Those pictures will serve as some great memories for you Nan. Joseph is a great guy and I am glad that you have such a great boy to be your best friend. He will be a great missionary and you should be proud to have a friend who loves the lord and is serving him. All of the pictures are random and some of them are pretty funny. Looks like you two had a blast taking them. I also am glad that you have a blog. It is super cute. Love you!

shaina said...

That's great Nan. You are amazingly strong to be able to bend the tree like that. Must be your massive thigh muscles. :)

courtney said...

Those are some sweet moves you guys have, but not as good as my num-chuck moves!

Sorry again that we don't get to see you this weekend. Miss you and bex!

Shavonne said...

Love all the pics! Very fun ideas, I bet you guys had so much fun :) I'm excited you have a blog and hope you post on it often. OH, and I like your Dancing-Elvis!

Nancy said...

Me n Bex keep imatating Dancing Elvis hahaa It's pretty sweet.

Queen of Chaos said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing at your fun pictures. :) The 'dents' in the trees are the best! And it's such a guy thing to think of taking pictures of you 'in' the toilet! haha

I'm sure you're gonna miss your best friend. Good thing you'll be busy at college! :)