Future Family Photo

Sharon posted a picture on my Facebook wall of my "Future Family Photo," and I would post it here but I can't get on Facebook for a while (details on the reason later). So just use your imagination. It had dozens of cat faces and one girl. Well, in my family picture, Trevor's there too. So I changed my Header!
Him & Me, +3 ...{Cats}
Well, it's true! It'll just be the 5 of us for a while (oh, plus Midnight, Trev's Guinea Pig). At least until Trev is done with all his Military Training...and that's at least a year and half away. Who knows if Midnight will last that long, but the cats are in it for the long haul.
I really am a cat lady. I love my cats. Here's your laugh of the day:

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon, because I really am going to get better at this blogging business. Especially with no Facebook. Anywho...toodaloo!


shaina said...

cat lady and proud of it!

courtney said...

I stay tuned! Meowwwwwww.....