Academic Awards Night

ahh I love academic award night! I always feel awesome afterwords, and that's not just cause Mom and Dad get us ice cream. I got the Media award, aka Radio. Mr. Bradbury also got me and the other girl who got his award coats. They're really nifty! They've got our name on the front and the KUBS logo on the back. Very niiice.

Okay this is a hokey picture, but I wanted to be different lol. This is the CWP Award from Mr. Frederick.

And this is the overall academic awesomness award. Cause I'm awesome I guess. Mr. Wagar said I should have gotten an award in his English class, but because I'm in the 5th period class instead of the 2nd, we did a different book, and our grades suffered from the wicked book! But it's ok, I feel better knowing Wags would have awarded me.

This is the bar for my letter. Fourth year I've gotten this :)

And I got Honor Cords to wear at graduation!! Woo!


Sharon said...

yay!! your awesome!

shaina said...

Glad you got some great awards, and I love the jail-like profile pictures you did. :)

courtney said...

Ummm...where is your award for P.E.? Oh, ya, you don't do exercise! :) just kidding Nan, awesome job!

kdaygirl said...

Way to go NERD!