Prom, Part 2

So here's the rest of our pictures. Dont ask me what Bryant is doing in the background, I didnt even know it was there til just now lol. Anyway, this is me and beau in the front seat. Just before this, we were arguing about whos iPod to listen to...i won mwahahaha

This is us at dinner, we went to Chilis. Everyone else went to walk around in the mall, while me and Beau waited for our table. We got a lot of weird looks!

So I got the Cajun Chicken Pasta and it was sooooooooooooo good!

mmmm sprite :)

Once we got to the dance we saw everyone else. This is me and Bri, she has the most beautiful dress.

I'm a dancin fool

Me and Ciara.

This is Matt, Bri's boytoy

They're so cute together. Ciara didn't have a date, so he roped her into the picture

This is my friend Whitney, she's my Radio Buddy

What a great Dj! I <3 Dj iWeb!

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courtney said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun, I am glad for you! I really like your dress, it will be a good one to bring to byu-i for all of their dances. Bring yoru other dresses too so that you can share and trade with your other roomates.