So these are totally all out of order, but thats ok, you'll live :) There'll have to be another post about prom, because I took more pictures on a different camera. And that camera is in Dad's purse in his truck. so yeah. This one is of Me, Courtney and Heather at the dance. Court is the one in the middle, and Heather's in purple

This is me and Court dancing lol

These are our dates. Well, these are Courtney and Heather's boyfriends, and my date lol

Charlie's Angels ya?

Heather kept standing on my dress lol. This is all of us. Max and Court, Bryant and Heather, Beau and me

Heather and Bryant. Yes, she's very tall lol

Max and court. She's very short lol

Me n Beau. Dad told him to do that lol


I like the depth of this picture

I did my own hair :)

Yeah, I made him do that. He liked it

Our corsages :) they're so pretty

This was at prom while we waited to get our picture taken. He decided to sit on me. The chairs were huge!

I like poofy dresses lol


Queen of Chaos said...

Looking at your pictures brings a flood of memories when I was your age and going to dances. :) Wow, time flies.

You look beautiful! And you guys look like you had a lot of fun. Cheers to Prom!

shaina said...

Great pictures..but wait...Dad has a purse...and a truck?

Nancy said...

Yes, the truck is named Hughby or some spelling like that, and dad's purse carries all his technology.

homefront said...

I am so proud of you!